Pricing is available


Pricing for our workshops are available on application.

Please email to obtain a quote. 

The following information will help in preparing that quote:

Expected number of participants (max 25)

Location of workshop (e.g. Dubbo NSW)

Approximate date (e.g Dec 2020)

Date quote needed by (if applicable).

Pricing normally Includes:

  • Consultation with your designated contact person to ensure the focus of the workshop meets your organisational needs
  • Preparation and delivery by two Homegrown Recovery qualified facilitators. The nature of our workshops is that the content can trigger the trauma reaction in participants if they are carrying their own trauma stories. It is for this reason that we use a two facilitator model which ensures the safety of participants as well as our facilitators. Each workshop will feature Louise Starr as the Lead facilitator accompanied by a co-facilitator.
  • Maximum of 20 participants
  • Workshop materials
  • Participants’ workbook in PDF format for printing
  • Certificate of Attainment for all participants
  • A summary of all participants’ workshop evaluations returned to the organisation
  • All travel for facilitators
  • Mark-up for Homegrown Recovery
  • Self-care for facilitators

Not Usually Included:

  • Printing of participants’ workbooks.
  • Venue hire.
  • Catering: Homegrown Recovery encourages organisations to provide a healthy range of foods for morning and afternoon teas, as well as lunch for:

Keeping participants together during these times encourages discussion and bonding of the workshop content, to facilitate deeper learning on the day, and

Healthy food choices promote better learning, particularly in the afternoon sessions when fatigue can be enhanced by poor food choices.