How does peer support help? 

Our peer support workers are employed to role model their own personal recovery journeys and how they stay well. Peer Support work connects like-minded people with the aim of sharing tips and strategies on staying well and overcoming mental illness. At its best, peer support thrives when people relate to each others stories of how they overcome barriers and challenges in their daily lives. Recovery is not a linear process – it has its ups and downs and its deeply personal to every person. Peer Support helps break the cycle of illness and relapse.

A special connection develops when a peer support worker is able to share their own life experiences and to normalise some of the grief, loss and hardship that comes with having a mental illness. Our peer support workers  are role models who will champion your recovery from mental illness.

Benefits of Peer Support: 

  • A holistic approach to wellness
  • Building hope, resilience and acceptance 
  • Advocating for human rights and social justice
  • Empathic and non-judgemental 
  • Mutual connections built on respect
  • Focus on ‘what happened to you’ not ‘what’s wrong with you’
  • Discover your strengths and values
  • Person-centred approach to wellness
  • Culturally diverse workforce
  • Trauma-informed care 
  • ‘Nothing about us without us’ 

Peer Support complements the recovery journey from crisis intervention to maintaining wellness, therefore we tailor our peer support services to suit your personal preferences

  • Working with multidisciplinary team
  • Assistance with housing
  • Building social networks
  • Budgeting and money management
  • Engaging in hobbies
  • Daily living activities
  • Improving family relationships
  • Collaborating with the key people in your recovery.

We empower you to always have choice and control and to be the director of your own life.    


Peer Support Services cost = $65.09 per hour daytime, weekdays