About this factsheet

This factsheet is about how to join the National Disability Insurance Scheme or NDIS.

The NDIS helps people under  65  with a disability get

  • care
  • supports

How to join the NDIS

There are rules about who can be an NDIS participant.

Participants are people who get support from the NDIS.

A participant must

  • be an Australian citizen. This means you
  • were born in Australia


  • have a special piece of paper that says you can live in Australia.
  • be under 65  years old
  • live in an area where the NDIS is available
  • have a permanent disability, developmental delay or need early intervention

Permanent disability means the disability will not go away.

Developmental delay means it can be hard for a child to do everyday things. For example

  • talk
  • walk
  • learn

Early intervention means to act on something early.

Early intervention may help your child get better.

When can I join the NDIS?

The NDIS is available to different people at different times.

You may get government supports now.

You will still get government supports until you have an NDIS plan.

When it is your time to join the NDIS, you will get a letter and phone call from the National Disability Insurance Agency or NDIA.

The National Disability Insurance Agency are the people that manage the NDIS.

If you do not get government supports you can ask to join when the NDIS is in your area.

How can I get ready to join the NDIS?

You can get help from people you know.
For example

  • a family member
  • a friend
  • a carer
  • a doctor

You can also get help from an NDIS

  • Local Area Coordinator
    This is a person provided by the NDIS. They can help you join the NDIS.
  • Early Childhood Partner
    This is a person provided by the NDIS. They can help children join the NDIS.

What do I need from my doctor?

You might need your doctor to give evidence of your disability.

Evidence means information about

  • what your disability is
  • how long your disability will last
  • how you live with your disability

The information from your doctor can help you to join the NDIS.

How long will it take to join the NDIS?

You must be eligible to join the NDIS.

Eligible means you meet the NDIS rules.

If you are eligible, it can take about  6  months for you to join the NDIS.

More information

Go to our website


Call  1800  800  110

Monday to Friday

8  am to  11  pm

Telephone Interpreting Service

131  450

TTY users

1800  555  677  then ask for  1800  800  110

Speak and listen users

1800  555  727  then ask for  1800  555  727

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