How can we help you?

We support people to get the most from their NDIS plan. We offer a combination of Support Coordination, Psychosocial Recovery Coaching and Peer Support Workers. Our team will collaborate with you, your loved ones and all the other services and supports identified to achieve your NDIS goals. We believe good communication with all your key stakeholders in your recovery creates the best outcomes. We also regularly review your NDIS goals and budget so you know you are on target.


How we are different?

Homegrown Recovery is a 100% peer-led service. All of our staff are in active recovery from a mental illness or caring for a loved one with a mental illness. 

We offer authentic peer support service designed to address the gaps in the mental health sector. We have lived experience so we understand the road to recovery is not always clear. We work with you to co-create a plan that puts you on a quicker road to recovery but also ensures a long-term sustainable approach to your wellness.


Holistic Psychologist BRISBANE

What is our mission?

Provide a holistic trauma-informed peer support service with heart.

Establish an authentic team of specialised lived experience workers to bridge any identified gaps in the mental health sector.

Break the cycle of illness so recovery is quicker.

Uphold the principles of peer work (connection, world-view, mutuality, moving towards hope).


Homegrown Recovery are a team of people with lived experience innovating and leading a culture of positive mental health.

What are our values?

⮞ Be the best version of ourselves

⮞ Lead from the heart

⮞ Be directors of our own lives

⮞ Feel a sense of belonging

⮞ Be the change we want to see

How do I find out more?

Call Louise Starr on 0447 117 002


Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm